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intellectual property services


A long-established engineering services group had developed a suite of software products and services following a lengthy research and development programme. The software products had been critical in securing several high value contracts and were beginning to gain significant traction in the global commissioning industry, leading to a step-change in the group's profile.

Board-level discussions had promoted the view that there should be investment in the IP associated with the products and services to reflect the changes in the business.

The group was introduced to Lincoln IP by an existing adviser. Lincoln IP was able to meet the group's requirements by quickly assessing its IP position and defining an IP strategy. Over a series of meeting with senior management, an understanding of the group's operations, revenue streams, and objectives was obtained.

An audit of the IP associated with the group's products and services was carried out, and several areas were identified for the group to enhance its IP position. The results led to a staged plan for delivering advice and support including the following:

• raising awareness of key IP issues among directors;
• advising on copyright subsistence, ownership and marking;
• reviewing IP clauses in staff and third-party contracts and making recommendations;
• advising on trade mark best practice and availability issues;
• developing and implementing an international trade mark filing strategy;
• advising on patentability issues in the field of software related inventions;

Lincoln IP continues to act for the group in delivery of the advice and support programme over its defined timeline.

key points
1. It is important for companies to review and assess their IP portfolio at regular intervals, particularly through periods of growth.
2. Even well-established companies can add value to their business with a properly considered IP strategy.
3. We have the skills and experience audit the intellectual property of your business.
4. By understanding your business we are able to define an IP strategy that meets your specific commercial objectives.
5. Our range of IP services allows us to effectively implement the strategies you choose.

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